Benefits of participating in the Business League:

Healthy, active and corporate rest outside the city, taking place in a friendly atmosphere of a sports event.

Professionally organized sports competition for everyone, regardless of gender, age and level of physical fitness

The corporate tournament contributes to obtaining a unique practical experience of building a team and is an effective format for fostering team spirit and employee motivation.

Development of internal and external corporate communications. Establishing new informal connections with industry colleagues and maintaining already established relationships with partners will provide your company with participation in the Top Tournament.

A brand's tournament is an excellent PR for a participating company and a partner of the League, which will allow you to strengthen your reputation or use an additional news feed.

Each of the events is an independent and full-fledged tournament, consisting of one or several stages with the determination of the winners, and the presentation of awards (cups and medals, as well as diplomas and special prizes in separate nominations / categories from organizers and partners).

Games take place on a sports ground with inflatable bunkers.

All necessary paintball equipment is provided by the MPL.